The category shows all the posts from the development team about the development of RPTOOLS. This includes both MapTool and TokenTool.

Maptool 1.13.2 Release

Nasty bugsies, I hatez them. We sprayed the code and fixed some bugs. Highlights Fix for UPnP issues by @cwisniew in #4140Fix for MapTool Freeze when using an asset that can't be found on macro button by @cwisniew in #4182 Downloads: Change Log:

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Maptool 1.13.1

Some updates have been made to the new version Highlights Fix for logging (will also fix UPnP issues)Fix for errors connecting via MapTool registryChanged network compress to ztd (should fix memory usage issues in 1.13.0)Fix for errors when adding barsFix for incorrect path image being used for isometric grids(see download link / change log for more details) Downloads: Change Log:…

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Maptool 1.13.0 Release

The devteam of MapTool hasn't been sitting still. There is another great release available. There are heaps of bug fixes, new features, some Performance Improvements, etc. Highlights New Light Theme AvailableIcon FixesImprovements to LightsTokens now support HTML and Markdown NotesFixes for image transfers to clients some times getting stuck.Path Finding Performance improvementsLots of code refactorisation to make things easier in the…

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MapTool 1.11.4 Released

MapTool v1.11.4 has been released and can be downloaded from the MapTool GitHub repo. This release contains a fix for the Log4Shell vulnerability (the RPTools applications don't appear vulnerable, but we're updating anyway just to be cautious) and various bug fixes: Token size being reset upon loading of older campaigns.Calling playStream() without a start time could cause exceptions after playback stopped.onInitiativeChange…

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MapTool 1.11.2 Released

MapTool v1.11.2 has been released and can be downloaded from the MapTool GitHub repo. This release brings a number of new features: New VBL modes Pit and Hill.New MapTool Easy Connect server option to simplify player connections using Public Key authentication.New Add-On library support supporting embedded HTML, CSS, JavaScript, assets, JSON data, MTScript macros and more.New server options to disable various…

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MapTool 1.10.0 Released

This release offers some exciting new features including some long-awaited GIF support and a number of speed improvements. New features include: Significantly reduced startup time for MapTool with a large asset cache under Windows.User database with encrypted passwords and public key support for logging in to MapTool servers plus macro functions for accessing database.WebRTC supported for connecting to servers without using…

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