MAPTOOL 1.12.1 Released

You are currently viewing MAPTOOL 1.12.1 Released

Some updates have been made to the new version


  • #3669 Token Bars were resetting to Top side after server start. Fixed.
  • #3662 Edit Token dialog was too tall for lower resolution screens. Fixed.
  • #3660 Image Scaling Quality now defaults to Low (Fastest) setting.
  • #3658 Docked windows set to auto-hide could not be resized. Fixed.
  • #3656 Fixes for image scaling performance.
  • #3654 Added logging for initiative null pointer.
  • #3653 More fixes for older campaign compatibility.
  • #3652 Image scaling on all layers now respect preferences choice to improve performance.
  • #3651 For performance reasons additive blending for lights/sights removed.
  • #3647 Fixes for loading campaigns created in prior versions.
  • #3642 Macro function getState() would always return 0. Fixed.

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