MapTool 1.8.4 Released

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This release fixes a number of bugs. Many thanks to all of the community developers who contribute so much and thanks to all of the users for their patience as we work through the rough spots. The community translators have also made good progress in their efforts so a round of applause for them as well.

Installing 1.8.4 will remove your existing 1.8.3 install. If you have made changes to your startup options in the MapTool.cfg file of your current 1.8.3 install you should make a note of those changes prior to installing 1.8.4 so that you can update the 1.8.4 options after install.

Bug Fixes

  • #2470 Fixed typo in JSON results of getMacroProps().
  • #2449 Text color in <p> elements could be overridden by other elements in chat.
  • #2444 Rolls from json.objrolls() were not showing in getRolled() and getNewRolls().
  • #2442 getTableEntry() returned incorrect results when passed out-of-bound roll values.
  • #2441 Executing [h: return(0)] directly would produce an error.
  • #2436 Auto-complete summary field was not showing tooltips for UDFs on GM/Campaign panels.
  • #2432 MapTool was being registered as default handler for .zip files.
  • #2426 Exception thrown by Prefrences dialog when language file had a translation for Label.startup string.
  • #2424 Changing token states in onInitiative events breaks initiative list synchronization between server and clients.
  • #2422 UDFs no longer recognized by code-completion.
  • #2416 Setting facing for tokens on hex maps could throw an exception.
  • #2411 Probable fix for TimSort Illegal Argument Exceptions from vision calculations.
  • #2408 Preferences was still trying to write to config file.
  • #2402 Map Explorer was showing all NPC tokens to Players.
  • #2393 Version update wasn’t tracking versions correctly causing it to prompt for an update to the same version.
  • #2394 Player could login as GM with Player password. Fixed. Client role is now determined by password used.
  • #2392 MapTool would refuse to start when a custom theme is specified in prefs but was missing from datadir.


  • #2475 Updated DiceLib to 1.7.1 for fix to #2444
  • #2474 Updated Twelve Monkeys imageio plugins to 3.64.
  • #2399 Updated GitHub README.MD


You can download the new version of MapTool from our GitHub page along with a link to our Changelog. If you have any questions please visit our Discord server for live chat or post to our forums.

Have you found a bug? You can log an issue on our Github Issues page. We recommend discussing it on either the forums or Discord first to make sure it isn’t currently being worked.

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