Maptool 1.13.0 Release

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The devteam of MapTool hasn’t been sitting still. There is another great release available.

There are heaps of bug fixes, new features, some Performance Improvements, etc.


  • New Light Theme Available
  • Icon Fixes
  • Improvements to Lights
  • Tokens now support HTML and Markdown Notes
  • Fixes for image transfers to clients some times getting stuck.
  • Path Finding Performance improvements
  • Lots of code refactorisation to make things easier in the future

(See change log for more details)

Full Change log?

Change Log:…1.13.0

Where can you get this amazing FREE product?


Thom Vandevenne

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  1. Alexandria

    This is awesome! just started using this tool a bit ago and wasn’t sure if it was still being supported. It’s great to see it’s still being worked on because it has so much potential!

  2. Kevin

    It won’t open on my Macbook Pro M1/Ventura. It keeps telling me that it’s damaged.

  3. Thom Vandevenne

    Which file did you use? We offer 2 filetypes.

  4. Florian Mecini

    the group i am playing with can’t get on the server anymore der is a problem the problem code is “java.lang.IllegalStateException: closed” and we don’t now anymore what to do i have screenshotted the problemcode if it is needed

  5. Thom Vandevenne

    Hi Florian, I think it is best that you jump on our Discord group (link on website, just click the discord logo). We have man Tech people on there that will be happy to help.

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