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Maptool 1.13.0 Release
The devteam of MapTool hasn’t been sitting still. There is another great release available. There are heaps of bug fixes, new features, some Performance...
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MapTool 1.12.2 Released
Highlights #3723 Checkbox to use theme for chatbox colors move to top of theme preferences tab. #3720 Corrected issue with players randomly disconnecting....
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MAPTOOL 1.12.1 Released
Some updates have been made to the new version Highlights #3669 Token Bars were resetting to Top side after server start. Fixed. #3662 Edit Token...
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MapTool 1.12 Released
The Dev team and our army of testers have taken a mere 12 days to get you this gem from beta to release. 1.12 is now a stable release for you all to marvel...
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Maptool release 1.12.0 BETA-1
We hope you are all doing well. The RPTools team, together with numerous volunteer heroes, have done it again!! A great improvement to MapTool is here...
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MapTool 1.11.4 Released
MapTool v1.11.4 has been released and can be downloaded from the MapTool GitHub repo. This release contains a fix for the Log4Shell vulnerability (the...
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MapTool 1.11.2 Released
MapTool v1.11.2 has been released and can be downloaded from the MapTool GitHub repo. This release brings a number of new features: New VBL modes Pit and...
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MapTool 1.10.3 Released
Some windows users experienced a Null Point Exception (NPE) when closing MapTool 1.10.2. This release fixes that problem.
MapTool 1.10.2 Released
We found a few more spots where the webp images were problematic. This release fixes them in getImage and tblImage macros.
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MapTool 1.10.1 Release
With any feature release, you’ll likely introduce a few bugs. MapTool 1.10.1 contains a fix for the size modifier in getTokenImage() and fixes an...
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