MapTool 1.11.4 Released

MapTool v1.11.4 has been released and can be downloaded from the MapTool GitHub repo. This release contains a fix for the Log4Shell vulnerability (the RPTools applications don't appear vulnerable, but we're updating anyway just to be cautious) and various bug fixes: Token size being reset upon loading of older campaigns.Calling playStream() without a start time could cause exceptions after playback stopped.onInitiativeChange…

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MapTool 1.8.3 Released

Dear MapTool users, This is a long post but worth the read. It contains some vital information regarding a new version of MapTool you'll want to read. It also has the usual list of enhancements and bug fixes available in this release. Recently, two severe exploits from a third-party library have been brought to our attention. MapTool versions 1.7 and earlier…

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MapTool 1.6.1 Released

A bug affecting viewing/editing token properties in the Edit Token dialog was found in 1.6.0. Please update to 1.6.1. MapTool Release 1.6.1 adds lots of enhancements, bug fixes and improvements to the code base. Many thanks to community members who committed bug fixes and enhancements. The translation volunteers have also made great strides in making MapTool more accessible in other languages.…

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RPTools is the Millennium Falcon of RPG Software

RPTools is a brand of open-source programs designed to enhance traditional pen-and-paper role-playing games. You use them for face-to-face or Internet role-playing in real time - even if your players are on the other side of the world. MapTool, our flagship product, is a free, highly-customizable virtual tabletop usable for a wide variety of gaming systems, from fantasy to sci-fi; from tabletop miniatures games to purely spoken-word games. TokenTool is nearly as popular and can be used for a variety of VTTs or custom maps using simple drag-and-drop images from the web or your computer system.

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