Object Embedded VBL

With the upcoming release of MapTool 1.4.2, GMs will be able to add a layer of Vision Blocking to stamps and tokens. This means Players will be able to see an object but that object will block all light and sight from passing through it. This comes in handy for doors, statues, vehicles, and large tokens. When combined with MapTools Macro Bag of Tricks drop-in resource, you can create the following effect on doors.

1.4.2 should release in the beginning of July. You can get a preview with MapTool Dev/Test version 1.4.6.

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  1. :)

    My dreams come true

  2. Roh

    So so sexy.

  3. Draxis

    Awesome, what is the macro your using to open and close the Door

  4. DougC

    Love that!

  5. RPTroll

    It’s pretty cool and will continue to improve with each release.

  6. Bernd

    Awesome. The VBL on objects is outstanding. The changes concerning the fog-of-war are also great. But just one tiny remark on the rest: now since the size of the icons in the library can be changed they refresh veeery slowly. Just some dozens of tokens in one folder take up to half a minute to show up. And my computer is relatively new and not the slowest one.
    I’m currently testing the It would be great if there could be some improvement done.
    I’m really looking forward to the released version!

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