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This release corrects a few small bugs affecting isometric map ‘figure’ stamps along with a fix for Draw Tool images. This is likely the last version of the 1.4.0.x series and represents our latest production release. Please upgrade as soon as practical.


  • Resize free size figure tokens (Jagged)
  • Fixes for Z-Order on free sized objects (Jagged)
  • Fixes for resizing stamps that are type “figure” (Jagged)
  • Small iso fixes (Jagged)
  • Fix for Missing images (Jamz)

MapTool can be acquired from the Download Page of

To learn more about this and other 1.4.0.x releases on the RPTools forum in Announcements.

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  1. scot

    I have a late 2012 imac and Maptool will shut my computer down when “connect to server” It has played with the latest version but 50 percent of the time it just shuts down the computer and I have to do a power button hold to get it back on.

  2. L Dawson

    I can’t get this to install on my windows 10 computer

  3. Mark verronneau

    I just downloaded and installed Maptools in windows 10 and don’t see anyway to lauch the program. Can you let know how you launch maptools?

  4. Mark verronneau

    Never mind I found it

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