MapTool 1.11.4 Released

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MapTool v1.11.4 has been released and can be downloaded from the MapTool GitHub repo.

This release contains a fix for the Log4Shell vulnerability (the RPTools applications don’t appear vulnerable, but we’re updating anyway just to be cautious) and various bug fixes:

  • Token size being reset upon loading of older campaigns.
  • Calling playStream() without a start time could cause exceptions after playback stopped.
  • onInitiativeChange event was not triggering unless onInitiativeChangeRequest was also on the same Lib: token.
  • If your campaign uses Lib: tokens and calls macros from dialogs, frames, or overlays, you may need to go into the new Lib:Token Properties tab of the Edit Token dialog to enable Allow URI Access.
  • See the Change Log for more details.

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