MapTool 1.3b91 Released

MapTool LogoThis build features a number of bug fixes, new VBL functionality, a new Java launcher, and Java 8 support (hellya). The new release is located on our download page or you can launch it directly from the web launch page. Note that Oracle now has quite a few security warnings around web launch programs. You can find a complete list of updates on the announcements page.

While the web launcher is handy, you should encourage your players to use the new launcher jar that now ships with MapTool: launcher-130829.01.jar. It makes starting MapTool much easier. It remembers the MapTool version, stack, and maximum memory settings between launches. Additionally, you can select the language – English, French, or German, the logging level for reporting bugs, and the warning level – all helpful when reporting bugs into the forums. We recommend this as the method of choice for starting the program.



This release should be the last in the 1.3 line as we move on to MapTool 1.4. Please feel free to leave comments below or in the forums.

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  1. Deft Developer

    Where are the sources for this (1.3.b91) release? As far as I can tell, github goes back to Sep 21, 2014, but the repository does not seem to show a 1.3.b9 release, only the 1.4 releases.

  2. RPTroll

    I believe all those are still on Source Forge.

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