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RPTools is proud to announce a new version of TokenTool, Rewritten in JavaFX to bring a modern and updated UI as well as a few new features! TokenTool 2.0 now supports PSD format for ‘overlays’ to allow for better masking by supporting ‘layers’. To create your own ‘overlay’ you can use any version of PhotoShop or GIMP and add your masking layer as the first (bottom) layer and your overlay image as the second (top) layer.

This release represents a critical milestone for RPTools development. For those of you interested in a bit of history and some technical details, the original RPTools products user interfaces are written using Java Swing. While Swing is still part of Java, Oracle stopped making enhancements to it a long while back. Some developers left the RPTools project as they felt they were working on a project without enhancing their core skills. As a reminder, RPTools is Open Source software with volunteer developers who work for free. One of the benefits of working on RPTools products is the experience gained from a large and complex code base.

Thus to move to JavaFX for TokenTool will pave the way for moving MapTool to JavaFX. This is a good thing.

The summary of benefits to the new TokenTool are summarized below.

  • Over 150 Overlays
  • Ability to rotate via shift-mouse wheel
  • New ‘Use as Base’ feature for Overlays
  • Tree/folder organization for Overlays
  • Touch support (for you touchscreen users)
  • Better drag/drop support
  • The ability to copy image or image URL from the browser and paste into TokenTool!
  • All settings saved on exit
  • Last 10 overlays used saved as Recent for quick access
  • Embedded JRE with native OS installer


The new TokenTool has the ability to manage overlays from within the tool. You can now create and edit them directly and it now supports photoshop PSD files.

New portrait options that all assignment of a background and the setting of opacity, blur, and glow.

You can find the new TokenTool from the GitHub Downloads page or find it on our DriveThruRPG publisher’s page.

TokenTool Latest Release

Download TokenTool (Latest) from GitHub. View the ChangeLog for this release by visiting the link.

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  1. elorebaen

    Awesome job!!

  2. RevenantBob

    This update looks fantastic! Good work everyone!

  3. MrAndaren

    It wont let me enter custom values for the height and width of the overlay, when I hit enter it snaps to multiples of 100, or 256

  4. Amanda

    Although I love the token tool.. it is now broken. I accidently froze while clicking the sizing part.. which made the screen too big and now I can no longer resize the overlay cause the screen doesn’t pull down far enough to allow to view the resizers.. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. So now I have a wasted program. Thanks.

  5. RPTroll

    Bug reports have a few channels. I can (and will) forward this to the developer. You can also go to and post a question.
    Github is the geeky way to submit bugs to Github but also the one monitored most by the developers.
    Another great option is to join the RPTools community on Discord for a chat-like experience

  6. RPTroll

    Bug reports have a few channels. I can (and will) forward this to the developer. You can also go to and post a question.
    Github is the geeky way to submit bugs to Github but also the one monitored most by the developers.
    Another great option is to join the RPTools community on Discord for a chat-like experience

  7. Etarsha

    Will someone ELI5 how to create an overlay in GIMP? I’ve tried templates and GIMP tutorials, but I cannot get the image to export the way the other overlays are displayed in the “manage overlays” tab in TokenTool.

    I can have the center of the overlay transparent, but I cannot get the edges of the portrait to cut, so I am left with a square with a ring on it. I’m jut trying to use the standard roll20 border so my player’s won’t know what I created versus what was supplied by default.

  8. RPTroll

    You can usually find answers like this on the RPTools forums or you can ask on our Discord server. Both links are on the Community page of this site.

  9. Cruise

    I have to be a total noob, but how do you use the Token Tool?

  10. RPTroll

    See the answer to the question above about Discord. You can find tons of help there.

  11. Siegetower

    Hi all, having weird issues with tokentool that worked for me up to last night! Can’t get anything to work…I’ve done all I can – which is not a lot…I am so computer illiterate, its amazing I can run roll20 and discord!
    Speaking of…can I get an invite to the server? I’m hoping someone there might be able to help!!

  12. Siegetower

    never mind, I got the discord channel.
    told you i was illiterate!

  13. Siegetower

    OK. Let’s try this again (haha)
    I have followed all the advice on these messages in order to figure out what is wrong with my tokentools. I deleted and re-installed. I have the current java. I can load the program, and see it in the alt-tab, as well as in the taskbar. I have tried to order the windows, using the taskbar options (cascade, etc), and have cleared the cache for tokentools. I am using the current tokentools2 from the github dowload…and nothing. I can’t get the thing to respond.
    Yesterday was the first day I experienced this, and that after 2 months of using the software, along with gimp in order to create the tokens I want for my roll20 games.
    I’m also unable to open the discord from the link at the top of this page…which is weird too. Although normally I use the discord program, not the windowed Ap.
    Perhaps someone with some time might see to add me (Siegetower#2048) with a direct invite instead?
    I’m desperate for some help.
    Thanks in advance for your time.

  14. B Tong

    I’ve been trying to create a custom token overlay. A PNG version of the overlay created with 420×420 resolution imports as 100×100. This appears to be a known issue. The advice I saw was to use a PSD file with the Mask as the first layer and the image as the second. TokenTool does accept this as input, yet it does not display as intended. I assume I’m missing some detail. The tutorial mentioned here…

    … is no longer available. Likewise, when I attempt to join the forum I do not get an activation email.

    I’m looking for advice.

  15. RPTroll

    Check the spam folder to see if the email is there. You can also join the Discord Server to ask for advice. Jamz(the primary developer) responds fairly quickly there.

  16. B Tong

    I feel silly. It was in the activation was in the spam folder. I should have thought of that.

  17. B Tong

    Discord referred me to Jamz Github and version 2.1, which solved the PNG issue and put me back in business. Thanks for the referral.

  18. Monty Pugh-Towe

    Has the overlay sizing issue been fixed yet, I am unable to scroll down to the bottom as no scroll button appeared when I made the overlay to large; and now I can’t work with the tool.

  19. Jonathan

    So I’m having the same issue Amada had about the resolution pushing the the whole shooting match off my screen. Installed, wiped, ran cleaner to kill registry entries and somehow, someplace my computer remembers to load the previous version. Sending me to broken links, developer forums isn’t helpful. This would have been a great program with a little support.

  20. 1word

    This is a great tool! I’m using it to create tokens for my next project.

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