MapTool Dev/Test Version Available for Download

You are currently viewing MapTool Dev/Test Version Available for Download

MapTool is available for download from by clicking on the Download link in the top toolbar.

The commit log is available via the GitHub page but many of the changes were related to the build system and automation; I’ve tried to separate them in the spoiler area, below, but no guarantees. (MapTool was released Jul 2nd, 2016 so commit entries prior to that apply to the previous build.)

Major fixes include the token ID bug (where tokens contain all digits and are converted to numbers) and a problem with Meta-I not clearing FoW properly (Ctrl-I on Windows and Unix, Cmd-I on macOS).

You can find a full list of changes on the forums.

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  1. Oronirr

    That meta-I would be amazing. Thanks for all your work.

  2. Antafes

    Your Windows installer is a big no-go!
    There are no options on where to install it, there isn’t even an option on where to add menu entries etc.
    If I hadn’t installed it right now, I wouldn’t know of the program on my PC at all, because there are no menu entries or links on the desktop to the program.
    Either stay at normal zip files or add an apropriate installer.

    Greatings Antafes

  3. RPTroll

    We’ve heard the complaint before and we listened. A new launcher interface is well underway using the current Java standard. Until then, you can drop back to for the zip file.

    As a reminder, the 1.4.1.x builds are dev builds where we try out new things to see how they work. 1.4.0.x are ‘stable’ builds that only contain bug fixes. Look for 1.4.2.x which will be our next set of stable builds. It should have a new launcher to satisfy the needs expressed above. I’ll also ask the devs if we can produce the old-style zip to add to the download list.

  4. Antafes

    Thats why I posted it here. Thanks for the reply :)
    Has anyone at the dev team thought about making a headless version of maptools to use as a server? This would be really nice for everyone that sits behind a proxy and can’t use maptools otherwise. If this place isn’t the right one to ask for anything like this, I can post an improvment issue at github or wherever the right place might be.

    Greatings Antafes

  5. RPTroll

    We have several places to leave comments. The RPTools forums contain the most feedback. We also get a bit from Facebook, Google+, and Twitter (see sidebar) so any of these locations is fine. GitHub is also a good place to post suggestions. In fact, I should add a GitHub feed to the sidebar as well.

    To answer your question: yes, a headless version is on the roadmap but it’s not a small task.

  6. Antafes

    Oh, that’s nice to hear :)
    I’m currently running maptools with the following standalone (headless) on my server:
    It works pretty well for a yar simply put around the existing maptools. Got it to work even with version
    The only problem this has, is a connection loss due to database problems with the central API service allowing to be listed as a server.
    I think this might be a good point to start, even if there is a bit of refactoring needed.

    Greatings Antafes

  7. Jay

    No 32 bit win version for the exe version.

  8. RPTroll

    The zip version supports win32. I’ll see what we can do about getting a specific version available for the 32 bit platform.

  9. Andrea

    Is there an ETA for a stable release with VBL objects? I’m planning a new campaign and it would be really nice, but I’m not sure whether it would be viable to draw it on one of the dev versions…

  10. RPTroll

    VBL on objects is part of the current dev release 1.4.1.x. You can begin using it now.

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