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The RPTools staff is proud to announce the release of TokenTool 2.1. Many thanks to @jamz for all his hard work on this release.

Changes include:

  • PDF Extraction – Open and extract images straight from the module! Using the File -> Open PDF menu or dragging a PDF to the main window, you can open and view a PDF. The individual images are shown to the right and you can either drag them to the main window or left-click with the mouse to use the image as the Portrait or right-click with the mouse to use the image as the background.
  • Arrow Key Nudges – You can use the arrow keys as well as the number pad to nudge the images 1 pixel at a time! Be sure you have the layer selected that you want to move.
  • CI Config and Java Updates – The packaged JRE has been bumped up to Oracle JDK 10 and is now the required JRE if launching the JAR manually.
  • User-supplied Background Images – In addition to a background color, you can now supply a background image! When dragging images to the main window, drop zones will highlight and the “Layer” button in the upper right will tell you if you are setting the Portrait or Background image. Several options have been added to support the use of backgrounds as well.
  • Keyboard Shortcut for Screen Capture – Several keyboard shortcuts, as well as Accelerators, have been added to the various menu items.
  • Screen Capture Box Size Retention – The screen capture window now remembers its size! In fact, all the windows now remember their size and position!
  • ESC Key Now Cancels Screen Capture. Didn’t mean to capture that screenshot? Pressing the ESC key will now cancel the action and close the window.
  • Settings Restore – A new menu option under Help -> Reset Settings will restore all settings to their defaults.
  • New Overlays
  • Unlock Aspect Ration – If you unlock the aspect ratio (pressing the padlock on the Overlay Options), you can now set the token size to an integer.
  • The overlay’s original width x height is now displayed under the Overlays name on the Overlay Options panel.
  • New Save Options – Save options were expanded to allow you to save the Portrait used (with or without Background color/image) alongside the token. This is useful if you grabbed the image from a URL or PDF and forgot or couldn’t save it. Also, if you save with Background Options, it will save the portrait as a .jpg instead of a .png (which are typically 10x smaller in disk space) so you can use that high-quality PNG from the PDF to create a token but use a smaller jpg for the Portrait (say, in MapTool) where transparency is probably not needed or wanted.

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TokenTool Latest Release

Download TokenTool (Latest) from GitHub. View the ChangeLog for this release by visiting the link.

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  1. Venatius

    Automatic portrait saving alone is a great time-saver. Thanks!

  2. Venatius

    Actually, it looks like I may have misunderstood the term “portrait”. I recall in one NERPS branch of TokenTool that it could automatically save the original version of the image dropped into TokenTool as a mouse-over portrait for the token when dropped into MapTool. It seems as though that’s not what this is – or am I doing it wrong?

  3. RPTroll

    This is the Nerps TokenTool. @jamz ported it over to RPTools. In theory, nothing changed but I’ll reach out to make sure.

  4. Lee Foster

    That was in a old version 1.3.x of the tool where it could save as an .rptok token.

    For 2.0 I didn’t want to lock TokenTool into a specific version of MapTool (where I had to bring in classes from MapTool project) so that wasn’t ported.

    This simply saves the Portrait image as a separate image (more useful when dragging to a file system)

    In a later version I plan on bring that functionality back by adding a PSD or some such layered image support into MapTool. Then MapTool can accept a more universal “import” of a “token” with more details like that.

  5. Venatius

    Cool, good to know and have clarified! Thanks very much.

  6. John

    Unless it is escaping me completely (which is possible!), I can’t find any way to crop an image. All I can do is move it around, but I cannot resize the portrait. Even capturing from the screen results in a image that does not fill the portrait space, but I cannot enlarge it.

  7. Scott Gerrels

    lol – i have no idea why you can’t delete the existing example image – unless its for a trial that doesn’t tell you its a trial?/Sample?

  8. RPTools Bard

    You can simply drop a new image on to replace it.

  9. Mark

    Help please… I just installed the 2.1 version of Token Tool (Windows 10). It isn’t loading. Is there something I’m missing, or doing wrong?

  10. RPTools Bard

    Your best bet is to go to the Discord server or the forums. Both links are in the help section on the side bar of this page.

  11. Roland

    Currently not working on the mac – download/developer cant be verified?

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