MapTool 1.9 Beta 3 Available for Testing

You are currently viewing MapTool 1.9 Beta 3 Available for Testing

We have a new Beta build ready for you to download and test. As a reminder, this isn’t quite ready for game night but we’d appreciate you running your favorite framework through the build’s functionality and reporting back any issues to either the forums or Discord.

Highlights of the changes include:

  • Maps now have a Display Name (Players) and a True Name (GM).
  • More image types supported along with beginnings of support for non-image assets.
  • Quality of Life improvements: pan map with arrow keys, select drawings on the map for deletion, hotkeys for image flip.
  • Improved performance and consistency for paths from AI pathfinding including improvements for paths for large tokens.
  • Additional UI elements are available in full-screen mode.
  • Development moved to AdoptOpen Java 16.
  • Moved from Nashorn to GraalVM JavaScript engine.
  • More bug fixes.
  • More localization for the UI.

You can find a full list of new features and changes in the Beta 3 Changelog.

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