MapTool 1.9.3 Released

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Users discovered a few bugs in MapTool 1.9.2. This release fixes the following:

  • #2849 Has Sight always ticked for PC tokens. Fixed.
  • #2854 Imported UVTT maps had file extension in Map Name. Display Name not updated. Fixed.
  • #2853 Light properties not being read from UVTT files. Fixed.
  • #2825 One unit test failing with updated json-path library. Disabled for now.
  • #2812 A bad data directory path would produce a less than helpful error message and leave MapTool running in background. Fixed.
  • #2802 During Map loading the GM name is displayed to Players. Fixed.
  • #2785 Changing MapTool data directory location did not change the location for log files. Fixed.
  • #2785 Macros moved between Macro Groups or Panels set to Player Editable. Fixed.
  • #2783 Conversion from AWT to JTS geometry was producing near-zero length segments causing pathfinding to fail on large, complex VBL/MBL maps with current JTS library. Fixed.
  • #2779 Mousewheel events not reaching HTML overlays. Fixed.
  • #2766 Message in Stack Overflow error dialog isn’t wrapping or using the HTML formatting of the message. Fixed.
  • #2758 Players able to “flip” unowned tokens. Fixed.
  • #2747 “LaunchInstructions” was shown as program name on macOS. Fixed.
  • #2729 MBL geometry is recalculated and checked too often when pathfinding leading to poor user experience. Big improvement.
  • #2663 Assets sometimes fail to load from cache. Fixed.
  • #2658 Current Time property for Audio Streams failing to update. Fixed.
  • #2486 Map Export would overwrite existing file without warning. Fixed.
  • #2355 MapTool hangs for a while when tokens cross certain VBL boundaries. Fixed.

You can download available versions of MapTool from GitHub.

All users running versions prior to 1.8.3 are strongly encouraged to update. See this announcement post on our forum.

A JAR file version may be downloaded as well but is only recommended for developers or other advanced users.

Mac Users are encouraged to use the PKG version of the install. Windows users are encouraged to use the MSI.

If you need interactive help, please join our Discord Server. Or visit our wiki for complete walk-throughs of how to use the tool. Our Community page has more links; see the toolbar at the top of the page.

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  1. Bob Kay

    have you thought about using appimages or flatpack or snaps to install Maptools? It might be a simpler way to go rather than making installer versions for each OS & distro.
    Just wondering.

  2. RPTools Bard

    We are constantly evolving the release process, mostly because Java keeps changing what works and what doesn’t. Maintaining releases for 3 OSs is a constant challenge.

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