MapTool 1.5.12 Release

MapTool 1.5.12 Release

Release 1.5.12 adds a few new features and a number of bug fixes.


  • Terrain Modifier enhancements:
    • Token terrain modifier can be flagged as NONE, MULTIPLY, ADD, BLOCK and FREE
    • Tokens can be set to ignore Terrain Modifiers.
    • Per map setting for rounding of fractional movement costs: NONE, CELL_UNIT, INTEGER
  • Can now specify a campaign file on startup:
    • With command line options -F or -file, e.g. -file=path/to/file/mycampaign.cmpgn
    • Passing the path and file without command line switches, e.g. maptool path/to/mycampaign.cmpgn
    • File association – will need to manually configure this through the appropriate OS settings
    • Drag-n-drop of campaign file on executable.
  • Major refactoring of use of JSON in code. Replaced all uses of net.sf.json-lib library with the Google GSON library.

MapTool Latest Release 1.7.0

You can download the new version of MapTool from the following links.

If you need help, please join our Discord Server. A list of all changes can be found in our Change Log

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