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The real strength of RPTools is the user community. The links below are examples of the hard work RPTools users put into making life easier for others.

Forums – Fantastic place to rub elbows with other RPTools junkies, or ask questions on how to do specific things, or get your networking up and running.
Discord – A site and app for live text chat with the RPTools community. You can also host voice chat for your games.
MapTool Wiki – A great place to dig into MapTool at a technical level and learn to code in MTScript to create your own gaming frameworks
RPTools Facebook Page – Connect with other MapTool users on Facebook
MapTool Subreddit – The Reddit MapTool community. You might also enjoy the VTT Subreddit.
JDRVirtuel MapTool Subforum – a French bulletin board dedicated to MapTool moderated by  Booga (from the RPTools forums, above) – We’re told this site is great for German speakers and includes a TeamSpeak server (but we don’t speak German, so…)


These are unofficial sites but have dedicated space and discussions for RPTools, or their members spend much time on the RPTools site
The Tangled Web – Find or post a game, and manage your campaign. Has RSS feeds for games.
Cartographer’s Guild – A great resource for those wanting to learn how to create fabulous maps directly from the masters!
Infinite Realities – Military RPG supplements


Here are some links that might get you started

If you would like to see a link posted here you may submit it to [email protected]. Submissions will be reviewed and must follow these criteria:

  • RPG related
  • Fits into one of the categories below
  • Isn’t a dead project
  • Not just a list of other links (although some exceptions will be made to this)

Complementary Tools

MapForge – low cost mapping software from Battlegrounds Games
Wonderdraft – a fantasy map creation tool for 64-bit Windows 10, Linux, and MacOSX. – generate fantasy buildings and maps
Stile – Stile is a seamless tile maker, useful for unbounded maps
MapMage – Tools for creating random maps which can be used as bounded maps (Commercial)
PCGen – Create and manage your characters
RedBlade – 3de Character generator
TreePad – Keep track of gaming notes in a hierarchical way
AutoRealm – Bounded map creation
GIMP – Image creation software, good for making maps (think “free Photoshop”)
DMGenie – Campaign and combat management (Commercial) (for D&D3.x; no longer actively supported)
Dundjinni – Map creation software
NPC Designer – NPC generator
eAdventure Tile Organizer – Tile based map making
Encounter Calculator – XP, visibility, and distance calculator (OK, the link is actually broken but I love the error message!)
Wizardawn – has a large number of gaming resources for role-playing games like OSRIC, Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World, Dungeons & Dragons, and Tunnels & Trolls
Donjon – many dungeon, encounter, and treasure generators

Role Playing Sites – Lots of resources for gamers, including utilities to help you find other local gamers – Lots of links to role playing resources – Links to Free and Shareware RPGs
Enworld – RPG News site
Treasure Tables – GMing advice, tips, ideas and resources • Dedicated to helping GMs
Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition – Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition details aggregation site – We’re told this site is great for German speakers and includes a TeamSpeak server (but we don’t speak German, so…) – Frosty’s German YouTube channel
Italian MapTool, D&D 4E, and custom framework site
RPG.NET – A source for everything RPG related

Image Repositories and other Resources – Central repository of user created maps
Devin Night’s Token SiteDevin Night contributed much of the artwork you see in the default MapTool install. He also does custom tokens and portraits for reasonable rates. Let him know you’re part of the MapTool community. Not saying it will help but it couldn’t hurt.
Fantastic MapsJonathan Roberts is an excellant cartographer who has donated a larger number of background and object stamps to RPTools that appear in default MapTool download. Like Devin’s site, Fantastic Maps contains a list of free downloads.
Gogots Maps and Mapping Objects – Tiles Gozzy’s Maps, including some random map generators. Lots of free art at the Dundjinni User Contributed Art forums
RPTools forums: Links & External Resources Lots of threads regarding where to find images (check out the User Creations forum as well!)

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  1. Madachin

    Hello, I downloaded the 1.13 Version of MapTool, there is a Problem with my Antivirus it said, it had the IDP.Generic.
    I forwarded it as a False Positive to the Customer Service where they analyse it.

  2. RPTools Bard

    Thank you for doing so. It’s unfortunate, but this happens periodically.

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