We Bid Farewell to Az, Jagged and Jamz

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It is with a heavy heart that we inform our beloved community that two of our most prolific contributors are moving on to their next adventure.

Az and Jamz were approached by Roll20 with an offer they couldn’t refuse. They will be merging much of the current functionality of MapTool and TokenTool into a new mobile application to be released later this year. Unfortunately, due to their Non-Compete Agreement with Roll20, they will be unable to contribute to RPTools products. We wish them the very best going forward. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into MapTool and TokenTool. You will be missed.

Their departure, however, leaves us in a bit of a bind. Our lead developer, Craig, is not taking the move well. He has the keys to the kingdom from a permissions point of view and has already locked Jamz and Az out of our source code control system and is threatening to make our GitHub pages private. This will, effectively, lock everyone out that is not part of the project. @Phergus and I have high hopes we can dissuade him but he’s a bit stubborn when it comes to these things.

So, as a precaution, if you would like to make sure you have the latest and greatest code set, please create a GitHub account and fork the RPTools projects.

In other bad news, it looks as though we’re losing Jagged as well. He’s a resident of the UK and, for reasons not completely understood, he’s being banned from RPTools contribution as part of the various packages being forwarded as part of Brexit. He’s legally obliged to comply with the order which is, for some reason, part of every proposal – even the ones that keep Britain part of the EU. You can read more about it in this London Times article.

RPTools will survive but we need your help. If you’re a Java developer or someone who knows GitHub automation, we could use your talents to help reform the project if Craig uses the nuclear option. To learn more ways to help, go to this page and fill out a brief questionnaire regarding areas of need and how you might fill them.

You can download the latest builds of TokenTool and MapTool below. Also feel free to wish them all well on one or our many social media outlets.

RPTools Forum

You can download available versions of MapTool from GitHub.

All users running versions prior to 1.8.3 are strongly encouraged to update. See this announcement post on our forum.

A JAR file version may be downloaded as well but is only recommended for developers or other advanced users.

Mac Users are encouraged to use the PKG version of the install. Windows users are encouraged to use the MSI.

If you need interactive help, please join our Discord Server. Or visit our wiki for complete walk-throughs of how to use the tool. Our Community page has more links; see the toolbar at the top of the page.

TokenTool Latest Release

Download TokenTool (Latest) from GitHub. View the ChangeLog for this release by visiting the link.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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  1. Azhtei

    I just want to add a personal note — While I won’t be able to contribute to RPTools applications source code base, I will still try to help out on Discord and the forums as time permits. I won’t be allowed to refer to code or help prospective contributors with understanding the existing code base, but I will try to commiserate with community members on the current state of affairs.

    Good luck to everyone!

  2. jgilman

    I almost made it safely all the way through today too…

  3. Thomas Due

    Gah! You had me going there. Good one.


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