MapTool 1.12.2 Released

You are currently viewing MapTool 1.12.2 Released


  • #3723 Checkbox to use theme for chatbox colors move to top of theme preferences tab.
  • #3720 Corrected issue with players randomly disconnecting.
  • #3719 Macro function setHalo("None") was throwing NPE. Fixed.
  • #3703 Grid offsets were reset on loaded maps.
  • #3702 Grid offsets were changing on server start. Fixed.
  • #3701 Fixed issue with dropped assets showing as red Xs.
  • #3700 Macro function removeTokenFacing() was throwing NPE. Fixed.
  • #3689 Soft FoW opacity was ignored when no sight was present. Fixed.
  • #3688 Soft FoW was rendered even when Sight is off. Fixed.

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