MapTool 1.7.0 Released

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We are pleased to announce a huge leap forward for MapTool. This release includes the ability to generate dynamic HTML5/CSS3 forms and dialogs as well as new transparent windows called overlays that allow you to interact with your custom UI without covering the map.


  • New macro functions for math operations on lists and arrays.
  • New markdownToHTML() Macro function  converts text in Markdown to HTML.
  • nmeier has brought the majority of the MapTool UI under the control the Look & Feel themes accessible from the Themes menu.
  • New GM option to disable the use of the Edit Token dialog by players.
  • The issue with the decimal point in Map Units per Cell for European locales fixed.
  • New overlay() function allows for transparent overlays over the map area. Think MMORPG-like GUI elements.
  • New Overlay helper functions for management.
  • Huge localization effort by Merudo has brought translatable strings to the majority of the MapTool dialogs.
  • MapTool can now import the Dungeondraft Universal VTT export format.

Documentation for new features is lagging a bit but will be updated on the wiki as soon as we can get to it. For those missing from the wiki see the associated issue which is linked from the Change Log.

Note: MapTool 1.6 had a bug that keeps it from auto-updating to the latest version. Please use one of the download links below to install 1.7.

You can download the new version of MapTool from the following links (see the operating system notes, below).

A JAR file version may be downloaded from the MapTool GitHub Repo and is only recommended for developers or other advanced users.

If you need help, please join our Discord Server.

Note for Mac Users:

To execute the application after dragging it to your desktop, you will need to Ctrl-click (or right-click) the .app and hold down Ctrl when you click Open (this is only needed the first time you execute after installing, and only because Apple won’t recognize the application as being from an “identified developer”).

If you are prompted whether you want to allow or deny incoming network connections, choose Deny unless you’re going to be running the MapTool server that other players will be connecting to (typically the GM does this).

Because macOS won’t allow the same application to be executed twice, if you’re the GM and wanting to test your setup, you may need to copy the .app to another name (such as MapTool and then execute that.

Note for Windows Users:

Since RPTools is not a “known software publisher” by Microsoft, you will need to click through the prompts to execute MapTool the first time.

Many graphical glitches can be traced to video drivers. If you receive a lot of “tearing” or “shearing” of the MapTool window, you can toggle optimizations on/off via MapTool’s Preferences dialog (look for Direct3D and OpenGL on the last tab of the dialog). Some combination of those options typically fixes this issue.

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  1. Jakub

    This is my first time with this program, and already after a month I created my own macros and we play with my friends from Poland. All that is missing are updated tutorials on Youtube.

  2. RPTools Bard

    That’s great news. We’re in active discussions about new video tutorials.

  3. Strolf

    I just started using Maptool DM’ing local games. The learning curve is a little steep but the capabilities are incredible on top of being free.

    Thank you

  4. RPTools Bard

    We’re glad you’re enjoying the product and thank you for the comment. MapTool does a lot of things very well. We suggest starting simple and growing over time. Happy Gaming!

  5. Patrik Carlsson

    It runs smothly without any lags.
    But i cannot edit any macros – an error sign “saying a lot” which i dont understand.
    I can edit macros in ver 1.6.1 but not in 1.7.0.

  6. RPTools Bard

    Patrik, for questions like this it is best to go to the forums or our Discord server for help. You can find both links in the ‘Need Help’ section on this page. Discord is interactive so you may get a quicker response there. Good Luck!

  7. AgentT

    I love maptool, I’ve been using it for months. But I have ran into some issues with immense lag on large maps with lots of assets. I was wondering if maptool would ever be getting GPU rendering or multithreading support to remedy this. I do love the program, it let’s me do a whole lot more than others I have used in the past like roll20.

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