MapTool 1.4.0 Release

We’re proud to announce the release of MapTool 1.4.0, creating a revitalization of MapTool development methodologies and direction. The MapTool application began life in 2005 when three programmers started an open source Java project as a way to connect remote friends for their RPG. It has grown in features and functionality over the last decade to include capabilities suggested by and implemented by its users but retains the goal of bringing gamers together. MapTool will always be free and supported by people that love RPGs and willingly give back to the gaming community.

This build represents a great deal of backend work to move the source code to GitHub, implements a new program build methodology using Gradle, and the initial implementation of server-side capabilities the will greatly increase the extensibility of the MapTool feature set going forward. Unfortunately you, as the user, won’t notice much of that as you run your game but it does set up the application to introduce new features with greater ease.

Now, for what you will notice:
We’ve introduce isometric maps in this release which can greatly enhance height and depth visualization for your dungeon.



For more information on isometric maps, please visit Jagged’s forum topic on the subject.

For you macro coders we’ve added the following new functions:

  • Set view area macro command
  • Add setTokenWidth/Height macro functions
  • Add setZoom(x) and getZoom() macro functions

Other changes include

  • Default the “Rename Map” input dialog
  • Refactor SightType and Light to use same shape code from Grid class
  • Change boundary to be boundary of cell and adjust image boundary instead
  • Improved random suffix logic
  • Fixes for stylesheet removal issues in htmlframe/form with Java 1.7 and up
  • New right-click menu option on Stamps to allow user to select a pixel range and enter the number of cells/squares in the selection
  • German Language Updates
  • Start of a WebAPI
  • Full Java 8 compatibility

Those last two bullets are some of the most important. These are down-in-the-technical-weeds features that set up MapTool for great things going forward.

We invite you to download and try the new version then go to the forums, Facebook, or Google+ to let us know how your tests went. As with any new release, please test with your frameworks before using this release in a game.

You can find a full list of new features, bug fixes, and technical debt payoff here. You can download MapTool from the download page.

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  1. Ulfgar does not work. it doestn even run im i really hopping for this isometric maps they look amazing and it will totally change my gametable please make it work dont give up.

  2. Dj

    I like how much smoother 1.4 runs compared to the other versions. However I am having a issue with the client following the gm screen that feature does not seem to work and i was wondering why

  3. OldSam

    Really great to hear about a WebAPI, I look forward to trying that out. Is there some documentation for that ready, yet?

  4. RPTroll

    Nothing yet. It is still in the proof-of-concept stage.

  5. RPTroll

    I recommend going to the MapTool section of forums and asking if anyone else is having this issue. If they are then a bug report will be create to hopefully get it fixed.

  6. RPTroll

    I recommend going to the forums to ask this question since others are running fine. Be sure to include your operating system in the question.

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