Maptool release 1.12.0 BETA-1

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We hope you are all doing well.

The RPTools team, together with numerous volunteer heroes, have done it again!! A great improvement to MapTool is here and will enhance your roleplaying experience even more.

MapTool v1.12.0  BETA-1 has been released for your testing and can be downloaded from the MapTool GitHub repo.

This release contains 34 bug fixes and brings several new features such as:

•            Darkness (i.e. lights with negative lumens) now affect vision on maps set to Day or Off.

•            Improved performance on maps with many lights.

•            The different VBL types and MBL can now be added to tokens via the Edit Token dialog and a number of macro functions for manipulating VBL/MBL have been added as well.

•            Improvements to new Add-On functionality.

Visit the full Change log

Download the Beta version here.

Want to know more as a tester? Give the Issue page a look.

For those new to MapTool, yes, it is completely free and community driven. Join our discord server if you want to meet the awesome community.

Visit our website for more information.

Thom Vandevenne

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