MapTool 1.6.1 Released

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A bug affecting viewing/editing token properties in the Edit Token dialog was found in 1.6.0. Please update to 1.6.1.

MapTool Release 1.6.1 adds lots of enhancements, bug fixes and improvements to the code base. Many thanks to community members who committed bug fixes and enhancements.

The translation volunteers have also made great strides in making MapTool more accessible in other languages. We are up to 13 languages other than English.

Some Highlights

  • New dialog and frame functions support HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Token VBL Simplification – Generating VBL for large, complex tokens like maps is much faster and produces much tighter VBL that is less demanding. Also allows for automatic generation via the setTokenVBL() macro function.
  • Movement Blocking Layer – Now you can make those Force Fields that would block movement but not sight.
  • Look & Feel themes can now be selected from the Themes menu. More enhancements to come.
  • Pre-defined Campaign Property sets can now be selected and loaded in the Campaign Properties dialog.
  • New Marker assets added to Default in the Resource Library – Use Restore Default Images in the Help menu to get them.
  • The annoying behavior where browsing for a drawing texture would cause the Resource Library to also change folders has been fixed!

See Change Log for more details.

You can download available versions of MapTool from GitHub.

All users running versions prior to 1.8.3 are strongly encouraged to update. See this announcement post on our forum.

A JAR file version may be downloaded as well but is only recommended for developers or other advanced users.

Mac Users are encouraged to use the PKG version of the install. Windows users are encouraged to use the MSI.

If you need interactive help, please join our Discord Server. Or visit our wiki for complete walk-throughs of how to use the tool. Our Community page has more links; see the toolbar at the top of the page.

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