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Great news everyone. There’s a new version of MapTool available from the download page of The most exciting features of Build includes some new functionality that will make drawing maps easier and new MapTool Table functions that effectively allow for global variables and image stores without resorting to dropping new tokens on a map. Look for posts regarding this new functionality soon™.

Please visit the Announcements page on the forum for full details as to what’s new then go to the downloads page to try it out. Please post to the forums if you have any issues.

Many thanks to Craig, DarkAlf, Jagged, Jamz, and joshsziegler for their donations of time, talent and code. Special thanks to Jagged for all the new user functionality, joshsziegler for getting some of the development house in order, and Craig for the arduous task of porting the support libraries to GIT. Way to go, everyone.


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