MapTool 1.9 Beta 2 Available to Test

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For those of you who like to test, MapTool 1.9 Beta 2 is available for testing. Please note: this is not ready for game night. If you have questions about one of the functions below, open the Changelog and click on the link to the change in question. MapTool 1.9 features usability upgrades, software build improvements, better internationalization, and expanded image type support.

  • #2550 Internally sent macro commands no longer added to Chat command history.
  • #2524 Activating the experimental web app server shows a warning dialog and sends a warning to chat.
  • #2519 Moved to GraalVM-JS engine from Nashorn. GraalVM provides an ECMAScript-compliant (ES11) runtime to execute JavaScript.
  • #2494 Support added for WebP, SVG, ICO, TGA images.
  • #2466 Drawings can not be selected with the mouse and deleted via the delete key.
  • #2452 Additional UI elements added to fullscreen view
  • #2366 Improved tooltips and error messages from Start Server dialog.
  • #2360 Map view can now be panned with Ctrl + arrow keys.
  • #2349 Shortcut keys added to flip token images. F for horizontal and Shift-F for vertical.
  • #2234 New macro functions for drawing MBL: drawMBL(), eraseMBL(), getMBL().
  • #1496 Common Macros group now shows on Selected panel even when no macros are in common.
  • #1420 HTML links in displayed token notes will now open the default browser.
  • #1234 New macro function for retrieving Bar & State images: getBarImage() and getStateImage()
  • #369 Dragging macro buttons now support both move and copy depending on source/destination and active modifier keys.

The RPTool GitHub site houses our download links for 1.9 Beta 2. Again, this is a beta and should not be used for game night or campaign development. Please report back any errors to our Forums or Discord server.

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  1. [nulset]

    Is that a typo under 2466? “Now” maybe?

  2. RPTools Bard

    The fix was to allow for selection and deletion. The text notes that MapTool wasn’t currently doing this. Thanks for the callout.

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