MapTool 1.7.0 Released

We are pleased to announce a huge leap forward for MapTool. This release includes the ability to generate dynamic HTML5/CSS3 forms and dialogs as well as new transparent windows called overlays that allow you to interact with your custom UI without covering the map. Highlights New macro functions for math operations on lists and arrays.New markdownToHTML() Macro function  converts text in Markdown…

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MapTool 1.6.1 Released

A bug affecting viewing/editing token properties in the Edit Token dialog was found in 1.6.0. Please update to 1.6.1. MapTool Release 1.6.1 adds lots of enhancements, bug fixes and improvements to the code base. Many thanks to community members who committed bug fixes and enhancements. The translation volunteers have also made great strides in making MapTool more accessible in other languages.…

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New Art Packs in Library

Four Art Packs from Kristian Richards of Crooked Staff Publishing added to Resource Library Go to the File menu in MapTool and select Add Resource to Library. On the dialog that opens, click on the red gear icon to see the packs that you haven't downloaded. New Art Packs Extending the existing CSP Dungeon Geomorphs pack. The four new packs are:…

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HTML5 Coming to MapTool

The MapTool elves have been busy this holiday season. They’ve introduced two new macro functions to produce HTML5 dialogs and frames. The new macro functions frame5() and dialog5() can be used in place of the HTML3 frame() and dialog() macro functions.

The new functionality allows the use of CSS3 and Javascript within the HTML frame/dialog so your formatting options now include those available to modern web applications. It has the limitation of not being able to access external assets.

You should now be able to do things like conditional displays like the code below.


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