More than a map

Do not be fooled by the name. While it does include powerful tools for the creation of detailed maps, its primary role is a Virtual Table Top, replacing pen, paper, battle mats, and dice.

MapTool is a free, open source and extremely flexible VTT with all the bells and whistles. You can utilize the integrated server function to connect to players wherever there’s an Internet connection.

Miss your buddy in Singapore? Not a problem. Roll up that character and then your sleeves.

You are in control

It’s not browser-based so you have to download and install it, but because of that, it doesn’t depend on a remote server. That means you’re not dependent on other servers that might charge you a subscription fee or have inconvenient “maintenance windows”, you can use your own high resolution images, and you’re not restricted in storage size (except for the amount of available disk space you have!).

Amazing Features

  • Supports advanced features like Dynamic Lighting, Vision, Fog of War and much more.
  • Features its own scripting language – allowing you to code and share your own creations.
  • It is “game system agnostic”, meaning that while MapTool has special support for some game systems, there is no requirement for you to use these features.
  • A set of “topology” tools to enable the GM to limit the view of their players, revealing the map as they explore it. Walls, pits, hills and other objects can prevent players from seeing what lies behind them.
  • Vision features allows darkness to be made to fall, blinding players who lack a light. Lights can be set on objects or on tokens that illuminate however much of the map you define. If the GM wishes, s/he can limit the view of players to what their specific token sees, adding a whole new level to the experience of splitting up the party.  Woe be to the character who can’t see around the corner of a wall but steps out into the view of the enemy!
  • Tremendous macro facility that allows you to automate just about any facet of your game. These are entirely optional bits of code you write yourself or borrow from others you meet in the forum or on Discord.
  • On the horizon, MapTool 2.0 will see new scripting language support and a complete refresh of the UI into JavaFX. Much of the macro-only functionality will move into the UI to make MapTool easier for the new user.
  • ([Read more] about our community.)

How to get started

  1. Head over to the download page and follow the steps for your operating system.
  2. Download a framework from our [framework page] (optional).
  3. Watch some [tutorials] (optional, but recommended!).
  4. Join our Discord or our forums and get all your questions answered.
  5.  Learn even more on our Wiki Documentation.

MapTool will always be free and always be supported by people that love to game.
So don’t worry: fire up the tool, draw a map, and call your friends. It’s game time!

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  1. RPTroll

    I respectfully disagree. MapTool has tremendous functionality without resorting to MTScript. Also, there are frameworks for many game systems available in the User Creations portion of the forumes.

  2. Darelius

    Where i can get “older” Versions of Maptool? I find no link anywhere…

  3. Thom Vandevenne

    Hi Darelius
    So for the delay.
    I have changed the link of the Github page and added it at the bottom in the boxes as well.
    Here it is for your convenience:

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