Token Tool 2.0

RPTools is proud to announce a new version of TokenTool, Rewritten in JavaFX to bring a modern and updated UI as well as a few new features! TokenTool 2.0 now supports PSD format for ‘overlays’ to allow for better masking by supporting ‘layers’. To create your own ‘overlay’ you can use any version of PhotoShop or GIMP and add your masking layer as the first (bottom) layer and your overlay image as the second (top) layer.

This release represents a critical milestone for RPTools development. For those of you interested in a bit of history and some technical details, the original RPTools products user interfaces are written using Java Swing. While Swing is still part of Java, Oracle stopped making enhancements to it a long while back. Some developers left the RPTools project as they felt they were working on a project without enhancing their core skills. As a reminder, RPTools is Open Source software with volunteer developers who work for free. One of the benefits of working on RPTools products is the experience gained from a large and complex code base.

Thus to move to JavaFX for TokenTool will pave the way for moving MapTool to JavaFX. This is a good thing.

The summary of benefits to the new TokenTool are summarized below.


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MapTool Dev/Test Version

BlowedUpWarning: This Build Could Blow Up!

Now that’s out of the way, going forward the numbering of builds will indicate the type of build, with1.4.<even number>.x being a stable build that will mostly be about bug fixes and maybe some small changes which don’t change campaign format or break compatibility, and

  • 1.4.<even number>.x being a stable build that will mostly be about bug fixes and maybe some small changes which don’t change campaign format or break compatibility, and
  • 1.4.<odd number>.x being development builds, which may be unstable and probably shouldn’t be used for your usual gaming unless you have adventurous players (not roleplaying adventures…). We need our community to test these builds so the Evens will be solid, we just don’t recommend using them for your weekly game. Also always make sure to save a backup copy of your campaign.

So, with that said, here are the new features.


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MapTool Released

Time for another build with bug fixes and some features

SwatBugBug Fixes and New Features

  • Fix for math.cos(), math.sin(), math.tan(), math.acos(), math.asin(), math.atan() macro functions (Craig).
  • Added json.rolls() macro function (Craig).
  • Added json.objrolls() macro function (Craig).
  • Overdue update to the credits file (Craig).

Build Related

  • Continuous Integration using Travis CI (joshsziegler)


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New Website Launch

Welcome to RPTools new website. We hope you find the new site cleaner, slicker, and easier to navigate. We've added a group of quick links to the sidebar and reorganized the pages a bit including links to the forums, Wiki, user-created frameworks, online communities, and other helpful links to get new users started. We hope you find it more user friendly.…

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MapTool 1.3b91 Released

This build features a number of bug fixes, new VBL functionality, a new Java launcher, and Java 8 support (hellya). The new release is located on our download page or you can launch it directly from the web launch page. Note that Oracle now has quite a few security warnings around web launch programs. You can find a complete list of updates on the…

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