a free tool for building digital avatars

A Token creation tool to create PNG images suitable for Virtual Table Top applications.

Quick and versatile, it is the best way to create customised tokens for your game. 

TokenTool removes much of the tedium from creating tokens for use with MapTool or your favorite online gaming application. Just drag an image into the background, select a frame, zoom and pan to suit, and drag off a finished token.  The resulting token is transparent around the edges and cropped to the size you wanted.

Rewritten in
JavaFX 10
to bring a modern and updated UI as well as a few new features!

TokenTool 2.2 features the following:

  • Now supports saving both tokens and portrait images to WebP, PNG, JPEG, GIF and TIFF image formats. 
  • Supports PSD format for ‘overlays’ to allow for better masking by supporting ‘layers’.
  • Bulk PDF image extraction in the image format of your choice by page or the whole shebang. 
  • Finer control over image size when zooming and rotating the token image.

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  1. Neil Morrison

    Wondering if there are any more polygonal shapes I can use for transparent token borders? Got the Hex and Square already but I need a handful of other shapes (triangle, rectangle, pentagon, trapezoid, oblong…) for a game idea we are working on.
    Any information of referral is appreciated. Thank you

  2. Joao

    Does this have an option to upload to imgurl?

  3. Filipe

    I would love a way to add some text (or at least a number) on the token.

  4. John

    On DriveThruRPG you state TokenTool comes with 150 different overlays. I only see the default gear. Where can I find the rest?

  5. Jim Davenport

    Great tool… but I have a little trouble with it. When I open the Overlay Options pane, the bottom of it is hidden below the bottom of my screen so I can’t resize anything or reach any controls below “Send to Back”, “Clip Portrait” and Opacity. I’ve maxed the window on a 1920×1080 screen and still cut off. I don’t see any way around it. Suggestions?

  6. Mike

    Feature request: So I have just upgraded to TokenTool from the online Token Stamp 2. A portrait resize option, like a percentage slider in portrait options or corners in the UI I can grab, would be super handy. I screenshot images for tokens from all over, and they are at all sorts of different sizes, so having to run them through a resize in another app first adds a step to the workflow that I didn’t need to do with Token Stamp 2.

  7. RuneStar

    First off…I love this tool! I do however have one request for a bug fix, and one for an enhancement if they might be considered.
    Bug Fix. If after you have chosen either a portrait image or a background image from a directory, you then close Token tool, it saves that location you got the image from. If then the directory is deleted, next time you open TokenTool it want to open a directory that doesn’t exist. Rather than reset to a default location it just locks the ‘Change Portrait Image’ button (or background one) so you can never change the image again. The setting even survives through uninstalling and re-installing. The only way I have found around this is to try to remember the directory you had and recreate it.
    Enhancement – for future updates could TokenTool ‘remember’ which format you last looked for rather than default to GIF each time? So if the last image I pulled in was jpg, can it default to looking for jpg next time I go to get a new image?

  8. GMAN


  9. JD

    when i try to open it it gets half way through caching overlays then closes please help

  10. Drako7222

    should make a top down token maker

  11. joseph

    Is there anyway to have the tool zoom in on where the mouse is? currently i’m trying to make tokens of images that are all in a massive vertical list and the zoom only goes to the centre of the image which makes zooming in and finding the correct token a nightmare

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