CharacterTool, DiceTool, and InitTool, require you to have a correctly configured Java installation. If you have Java configured correctly, you should be able to double click on the downloaded JAR file to run each of the tools. However, depending on your Java install, you may need to invoke the command line for your operating system to run the program.


It helps players to manage their characters during gameplay. It is fully scripted so that the tediousness of tracking large numbers of stats can be automated.

CharacterTool is no longer under active development.


We came up with DiceTool while GMing. There were frequent multi-dice rolls and determining the result was slow sometimes.  We looked at and tried many of the fine dice rolling apps out there, but they all lacked features we wanted (such as saving complicated expressions for re-rolling) or had features we didn’t care for (such as the mechanic of picking up and throwing the dice using the mouse).

DiceTool is no longer under active development.


InitiativeTool contains two separate tools. One to help a GM run an encounter, and one to help the GM keep track of player and NPC groups.

initiativeTool is no longer under active development.