MapTool 1.9.3 Released

Users discovered a few bugs in MapTool 1.9.2. This release fixes the following: #2849 Has Sight always ticked for PC tokens. Fixed.#2854 Imported UVTT maps had file extension in Map Name. Display Name not updated. Fixed.#2853 Light properties not being read from UVTT files. Fixed.#2825 One unit test failing with updated json-path library. Disabled for now.#2812 A bad data directory path would produce a less than…

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MapTool 1.9.0 Released

We have a new MapTool ready for download. Please report back any issues to either the forums or Discord. Highlights of the changes include: Maps now have a Display Name (Players) and a True Name (GM).More image types supported along with beginnings of support for non-image assets.Quality of Life improvements: pan map with arrow keys, select drawings on the map for deletion, hotkeys for image…

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MapTool 1.9 Beta 3 Available for Testing

We have a new Beta build ready for you to download and test. As a reminder, this isn't quite ready for game night but we'd appreciate you running your favorite framework through the build's functionality and reporting back any issues to either the forums or Discord. Highlights of the changes include: Maps now have a Display Name (Players) and a True…

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MapTool 1.8.5 Released

This is another bugfix release. 1.8.4 had a problem in that it removed the previous version of MapTool. 1.8.5 fixes that behavior as well as a few other bugs. The only enhancement in this release is Token Property highlighting in the macro editor. You can download the latest version @ see all changes in this version visit

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MapTool 1.8.4 Released

This release fixes a number of bugs. Many thanks to all of the community developers who contribute so much and thanks to all of the users for their patience as we work through the rough spots. The community translators have also made good progress in their efforts so a round of applause for them as well. Installing 1.8.4 will remove your…

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MapTool 1.8.3 Released

Dear MapTool users, This is a long post but worth the read. It contains some vital information regarding a new version of MapTool you'll want to read. It also has the usual list of enhancements and bug fixes available in this release. Recently, two severe exploits from a third-party library have been brought to our attention. MapTool versions 1.7 and earlier…

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