Any artwork from the community or those RPTools support

New Art Packs in Library

Four Art Packs from Kristian Richards of Crooked Staff Publishing added to Resource Library Go to the File menu in MapTool and select Add Resource to Library. On the dialog that opens, click on the red gear icon to see the packs that you haven't downloaded. New Art Packs Extending the existing CSP Dungeon Geomorphs pack. The four new packs are:…

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Devin Night Starfinder Tokens

In celebration of our release of TokenTool 2.0, we are proud to announce a set of exclusive artwork from Devin Night for Starfinder. Devin Night has gamed since the early 80's and is a long-time supporter of RPTools with content in multiple MapTool art packs to his credit. Devin is best known for his overhead tokens which, outside of MapTool art…

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Devin Night’s New Token Packs

Devin Night is a freelance artist/illustrator and a long time friend to RPTools. He kindly donated art packs available for download in MapTool. Outside of MapTool, you've likely seen his work in products from Rite Publishing, Grey Matter Games, White Haired Man, and many others. Devin has his own online VTT token store and recently released six new $5 token packs.…

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