New Art Packs in Library

Four Art Packs from Kristian Richards of Crooked Staff Publishing added to Resource Library

Go to the File menu in MapTool and select Add Resource to Library. On the dialog that opens, click on the red gear icon to see the packs that you haven’t downloaded.

New Art Packs

Extending the existing CSP Dungeon Geomorphs pack. The four new packs are:

  • CSP Cave Geomorphs
  • CSP Dungeon Monthly
  • CSP Dungeons to Caves
  • CSP Mine Geomorphs

Quick and dirty example map:

Example map using CSP Geomorphs.
Example using the CSP Geomorphs

Find out more about Kristian’s works at his patreon and see published works by Crooked Staff Publishing on DriveThruRPG.

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