Devin Night’s New Token Packs

Devin Night is a freelance artist/illustrator and a long time friend to RPTools. He kindly donated art packs available for download in MapTool. Outside of MapTool, you’ve likely seen his work in products from Rite Publishing, Grey Matter Games, White Haired Man, and many others.

Devin has his own online VTT token store and recently released six new $5 token packs. All told, his store contains over 96 packs with 45,000 VTT tokens.



Devin’s web site, Immortal Nights, has a wide variety of VTT tokens and object images across most genres you’re likely to play. Over 20 of the token packs are free. He produces customer tokens for a reasonable fee if you need custom art for your game. Devin also provides illustration services should you want to add a character portrait to MapTool.

Check out Devin’s work and leave a comment as to your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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