Thomas Chapman’s Video Tutorials

One of the strengths of RPTools is the community of users who take the time to make life easier for others. Another strength of MapTool is its incredible flexibility and the vast number of options open to a gamemaster. However, that flexibility comes at the cost of a learning curve that may seem daunting. We are fortunate to have community members like Thomas Chapman who take the time to produce tutorials which demonstrate the functionality and best practices for MapTool use and adoption.

Please take the time to visit Thomas’s YouTube Channel: Music, Education, Mayhem, and Gaming to let him know his work is appreciated.

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  1. Oronirr

    Still hoping he works on his macro tutorials because that is what we all need. A serie about macros in video format would nicely compliment the text pages about it.

  2. Tom Chapman

    Yeah…I need to get on these updates but my job and grad school have caught up with me. I still want to do the macro videos! They are planned.

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