New Website Launch

Website Launch Celebration

Welcome to RPTools new website. We hope you find the new site cleaner, slicker, and easier to navigate. We’ve added a group of quick links to the sidebar and reorganized the pages a bit including links to the forums, Wiki, user-created frameworks, online communities, and other helpful links to get new users started. We hope you find it more user friendly.

The strength of RPTools has ever been its community and the goal of the new website will be to highlight that strength. Expect updates to the main page that will show interesting posts on the forum, examples of the tool’s users in actual play, and helpful videos of the tools in use. The goal is to make a place to come to for more than just downloads. We hope to provide useful information to both the long-time user and the person trying to decide which VTT is right for them.

Website Still Improving

We have a strong international community and one of the early goals of the new site was to provide content in various languages in order to improve the experience for our non-native English speakers. It is still a goal but may take a bit of time to achieve. Thanks to everyone that provided translation support.  RPTools software is free, open source, and open community. We try never to build artificial walls around development, testing, or content. Our goal of providing multilingual support is just another facet of that belief.

Take it for a spin

Please take a few minutes and click through the site. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below.

The RPTools Staff

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  1. Franck "Booga" Florentin


    just wanted to congratulate you guys on the website’s update. I hope it augures new good things for Maptool in 2015.

    On a separate matter, The link on the community page to is broken. It’s normal, as Natha has taken his site down and does not participate in Maptool development anymore. I (“booga” in RPTools forums) have kind of taken over his role to promote Maptool with the French online RPG community. To do so, I use two mediums :

    — I moderate a Jdr-Virtuel subforum under the same alias ( with a lot of tutorials and where I help newcomers to the best of my abilities. Several framework designers (Lazarius, U~man among others) have joined me and offered several french language frameworks to the community.

    — I recorded several video tutorials in French and placed them on youtube. There are three 3-hour long general tutorials about Maptool (recorded as conferences with a few people interested in learning the software), and several other framework-specific tutorials for the frameworks I have writtne in French (Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds mainly). The video tutorials are here:

    So please feel free to update your community web page with these French resources, as they may guide French newcomers to French resources. I’ll be glad to help them if they have questions.

    I’ve also helped with the latest update of French translations for Maptool’s Java Loader, if you want to provide credit

  2. RPTroll

    Thanks Booga. I’ve updated the page with the new links.

  3. Franck "Booga" Florentin

    Thanks RPTroll !

  4. davis

    is there a way to have a macro to calculate damage by multiple attacks and multiple damages for a dm on maptools for d and d 5th edtion

  5. RPTroll

    Yes but you’ll need to either leverage one of the existing frameworks with this capability or create your own macro utilizing MTScript.

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