MapTool 1.5 Comes Bundled with Java

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MapTool 1.5 now comes bundled with Java so there’ll be no more struggling with Java versions or Java upgrades. You also don’t go through a launcher. Those settings have moved to the Edit->Preferences->Startup tab.

From here you set your maximum, minimum, and stack size memory for MapTool. This requires a MapTool restart after clicking OK. So, for a 4GB max memory and a 2 GB minimum memory setting you would enter 4G and 2G. The input honors G, M, and K for Gigabytes, Megabytes, and Kilobytes for memory sizes.

Note: we recommend setting the max and min values to the same value to minimize Java garbage collection. Also note that if you don’t set these values then the Java Virtual Machine will compute them based on your computer’s memory.

Note: you can still run the jar file directly via the java -jar command but if you do so you won’t have access to the startup tab and will need to set those parameters on the command line as you did in the past. (see comments for additional information)

Update: If you put settings in that break MapTool, you can reset them back to their default. Please see Resetting MapTool JVM Settings for more detail.

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You can download available versions of MapTool from GitHub.

All users running versions prior to 1.8.3 are strongly encouraged to update. See this announcement post on our forum.

A JAR file version may be downloaded as well but is only recommended for developers or other advanced users.

Mac Users are encouraged to use the PKG version of the install. Windows users are encouraged to use the MSI.

If you need interactive help, please join our Discord Server. Or visit our wiki for complete walk-throughs of how to use the tool. Our Community page has more links; see the toolbar at the top of the page.

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  1. Venatius

    I’m pretty stoked! The change I’m still dreaming of is a relaxation on the nesting limits on macro code, but this is all good stuff. The pathfinding around VBL is an awesome addition.

  2. RPTroll

    Nesting limits are being addressed for MapTool 2.0. They’re working on it now but it involves a large overhaul of MapTool scripting. This is a good thing but takes time.

  3. Juan Guerrero

    Beatifull! Love it

  4. Jass

    I broke Maptool 1.5 by entering bad numbers in the Max and Min heap sizes and now Maptool won’t load. How do I reset them if Maptool no longer loads?

  5. RPTroll

    You’ll need to find where the executable is on your system in a command window and launch it with a -reset flag. That will restore everything to the default value.

  6. Khybernes

    At first I would like to say – thank you all very much for your hard work and the updates 1.5 and 1.5.1. Maptool gets again better and these functions enrich the game experience one step further.

    For the Memory settings: Well, it sounds good too, that we can change it Maptool, but for me the file “MapTool-1.5.1,jar” (Win10 User) can (afaik) only get startet, if I use the runtime enviroment from java and if i do this, i can’t get into the startup (it’s greyed out).

    Maybe someone have a hint for me or have i overseen something?

  7. Phergus

    That’s correct. If launching the MapTool jar manually will need to set those parameters via the command line.

    If you use the JAR only version of MapTool then you will need to have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed and launch it with a batch file or one of the MapTool launchers that came with older versions. MapTool 1.5.0 & 1.5.1 require Java 10. You can only get this from the Oracle Java download site by digging down a bit.

    From a command prompt you would do something like this:

    javaw -Xmx1024M -Xss2M -jar maptool-1.5.1.jar run

    The JAR only releases are intended for advanced users or developers.

  8. Khybernes

    Thank you a lot for answering my question. I will try this out. Great community btw. :)

  9. RPTroll

    Thanks. We like it. :)

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