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DriveThruRPG ImageWe’re experimenting with a new distribution method by allowing users the ability to download MapTool from DriveThruRPG for free with an optional donation. This is in addition to our traditional Download Page – not a replacement for it. Opening the DriveThruRPG channel does a few things for us.

  1. It takes some of the burdens off the server. Part of the expense of running an open source project is the ISP cost associated with the forums, this website, and the download traffic of the various tools. We’ve been warned a few times we’re approaching our current hosting limit so seeking another download method seems reasonable.
  2. The RPTools staff currently pay all expenses associated with RPTools. While we don’t mind, some community members have asked if they could help. Rather than place a donate button on the website or run an in-fashion Kickstarter or gofundme campaign, we decided to enable a ‘pay what you want’ on DriveThru. It’s an easy way to let you contribute to the project if you so choose.
  3. Downloading from DTRPG will allow us to notify you when new builds are available through the publisher interface.
  4. DTRPG is another way for users to find our community.

We’ve placed the latest development build for MapTool ( on DTRPG for Linux, Mac, and Windows. We’ll have the latest stable release ( up within the week. TokenTool will be next. You’ll be able to find all our DTRPG submissions on our Publisher’s Page.

Any DTRPG income will go to RPTools expenses such as server costs, security certificates, website localization, etc. Your friendly, international RPTools staff will always be an all-volunteer force. We hope you understand and support this new channel and hope you use it going forward.

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  1. Jeff Sorensen

    I love MapTools and I am so glad you are helping to keep it going.

    I am happy to contribute.

  2. RPTroll

    Thanks! We were able to pay our web hosting fees this year thanks to you and other’s generous donations.

    RPTools Staff

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