We welcome those who wish to distribute content via MapTool. Supported content includes MapTool campaign files (.cmpgn) and RP Map files (.rpmap). We also support the distribution of resource libraries (ask Dorpond how; you can find him on the forum).

If you have a MapTool friendly product, we encourage you to use the MapTool Compatibility Logo.

If you produce maps, tokens, or other adventure art, MapTool is a great way to introduce people to your work by donating graphic content to the RPTools project. The easiest way to accomplish this is to produce an RPMap project which will be distributed via automated download to MapTool. There are a few rules, however, to submitting a .rpmap project.

  1. The art pack must be 100% original (legal). Please do not snag stuff from the web, stretch it, change its color, and call it your own.
  2. You must create a license text file that will display at the time of download. A simple txt file stating that you own it and it is under some sort of common license or whatever. Basically, something giving people permission to use it.
  3. The art pack is free.

If you have an art pack that you want to show up in the list of available downloads, send a private message to Dorpond. He will review the art pack and make sure it is usable, well organized, and fulfills the three rules above. If so, he will add it to our art pack repository.  From there it will immediately show up when any MapTool user visits the menu option that allows them to download art packs.

If you happen to be a professional who sells your own art packs or maps, you can still use Maptool as a vehicle to draw in interest. Feel free to make a free art pack for MT and use the license popup to also include your website. In addition, you can make a jpg ‘advertisement’ and place it in the root of your art pack folder so that users can refer to your website at any time after initial installation.

For those who are new to donating artwork, you may want to check out the CreativeCommons.org web site where you can find a walkthrough that will help you choose an appropriate license. Attribution or ShareAlike licenses are good options as they are the least restrictive for MapTool users (a license based on both would be ideal), but Noncommercial licenses are acceptable as well.

For more information, see Want to Make an Official Artpack? topic on the RPTools forums.

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