Draw Explorer: Merging

merge4With the release of Maptool 1.4.2, you will have the ability to merge different drawn elements of your map together. You can try this functionality in the Dev/Test Build of MapTool now but we don’t recommend using Dev/Test for your gaming sessions unless you’re the adventurous sort. If you’re unfamiliar with the Draw Explorer, we detailed its initial functionality in a previous post.

Merge Drawing is somewhat like Group Drawings where you can work with a series of individual elements as one but the true power comes when working with transparencies. When using a non-100% transparency setting for overlapping drawings, the opacities will add, causing the transparency to be more opaque. The effect: overlapping shapes spoil the transparency effect. To correct this, you can now merge drawings into a single object.


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Draw Explorer: Cut example

The new feature provided by the Draw Explorer is the ability to group elements of your drawing together. Grouping draws these elements as one effective object. How this differs from elements drawn normally becomes apparent when you include cuts or erasings in your group. You draw a tower, starting with a circle. You then hollow it out using a circle cut and…

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