All of the gaming tools by the RPTools Team follow a consistent versioning scheme. There is always a stable (also known as release) version that can be used by those gaming groups that have concerns as to the stability of the development versions, and do not want the latest and greatest features badly enough to justify the risk of complications. That said, it is frequently the case that a late development build is effectively as stable as a release version. It is a good idea to ask around on the forum or on Discord to determine which is the best build for you.

Development versions are where all of the glitz and new features are added. Because of the constant additions that occur in this version of the code, external file formats are likely to change, functionality may be introduced in one build only to be removed in the next build, and there can be usability issues as well. Anything major is normally corrected in a very short time (a few days is typical) but this can lead to head-scratching and a loss of sleep for those who like to live on the edge.

The general recommendation is to use a development version that the rest of the community considers solid. To determine that would require reading the forums or joining our Discord server and asking.  We expect version was the last build of the 1.4 version and, as of this writing, is considered the stable build. We have the 1.5 line now released. It is considered the development build.

In some ways, you help the community more by using the latest and greatest and report back any issues to the community. Still, nothing’s worse than a game night ruined by a crashing program. Ideally, you can recruit your players to test the new versions but use the stable versions for when it counts.