Download the version of the RPTool’s products that best fits your needs.

If you’re using TokenTool 2.0 or higher or MapTool 1.5 or higher you won’t need to worry about your Java installation if you use one of the OS-specific installation files. The tools should execute simply by invoking them as you would any other program.

For MapTool 1.4, there is a MapTool Launcher you’ll start that will handle program initialization.

Old versions of MapTool and TokenTool, as well as our legacy products such as CharacterTool, DiceTool, and InitTool, require you to have a correctly configured Java installation. If you have Java configured correctly, you should be able to double click on the downloaded JAR file to run each of the tools. However, depending on your Java install, you may need to invoke the command line for your operating system to run the program.

You can download the RPTools’ Products from our Download page or our DriveThruRPG publisher’s page. If you’re a coder you may also want to download the source from GitHub. While you’re in there, fork a branch and fix a bug. It’s the Open Source way.

For help with MapTool, TokenTool, or other RPTools products, please see the RPTools Forums or live chat on Discord.