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In celebration of our release of TokenTool 2.0, we are proud to announce a set of exclusive artwork from Devin Night for Starfinder.

Devin Night has gamed since the early 80’s and is a long-time supporter of RPTools with content in multiple MapTool art packs to his credit. Devin is best known for his overhead tokens which, outside of MapTool art packs, you can find his token site. He can also create customer tokens at reasonable rates in case you roll your own universes or need a specific character token.

These new tokens are available for download now in MapTool. To get MapTool  Download from this site or see our DriveThruRPG publisher’s page. Once you have MapTool up and running, go to File->Add Resource to Library

This brings up the window below. Select the RPTools logo to see a list of downloadable art packs.

Select ‘Devin Knight’s Starfinder Characters to install them in your resource library. From there you can drag and drop them onto MapTool.

We’ve included the Low-Resolution versions as part of this post so you can use them in TokenTool. You can find the High-Resolution by clicking on the icon below.

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