RPTools Project FAQ

Q: Where are the FAQs for the individual tools?

Start with the Tools option from the menu bar.  Each tool has its own FAQ under its own entry.

Q: Are the tools really free?

Yes.  We build them because it’s fun.

Q: Where can I find the source code?

The source can be found at our Github project page, here’s a direct link to the right page

Q: How can I contribute?

We accept code patches, donations, or just good a few nice words :)  We love ideas, so please post your feedback, good and bad, in the forums.  If you are so inclined you may also Donate

Q: How do I submit a patch?

Email us the diff file, or fork the project at github and send us a pull request.  Please include a bullet list of changes that can be included in the Changelog for the build.

Q: Can I be a member of the team?

Feel free to be an independent contributor; we’re pretty picky when it comes to adding official developers.  The issue is one of longevity.  If you stick around long enough and provide enough contributions, we’ll look closer at that.

Q: What platforms will the tools run on?

The tools are written in Java and will run on MacOS, Windows and Linux.  Different tools have different Java version requirements.  Check the FAQ for the individual tools for specifics.  MapTool v1.5 onwards is 64-bit only.

Q: Where do I find FAQs for your applications?

Each application that is part of the RPTools family has an entry under the Tools menu on the top navigation bar. And they all have their own sub-pages for FAQs and documentation.

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