MapTool 1.3 needs you!
     ... To help prioritize the upcoming features

These features are expected to be implemented for the next major release of MapTool. You can help prioritize the order that they are implemented by engaging in a friendly Donation Challenge. As you donate RPCredits towards a feature it's priority rises. Features with higher priority are implemented sooner than the lower priority features.

RPCredits are distributed by the RPTools team. They can be given out for community contributions such as working on documentation, contributing code or art/sounds that are packaged with MapTool, or by donating to the project.

Donating gives you 1 RPCredit per $1.

  • The RPTools team has final say in all matters
  • Features with lower priority may be implemented before higher priority at the discretion of the developer (typically if there is a dependency or natural ordering between two features)
  • Bug fixes are assumed to be high priority
  • "Completion" of a task implies there is a first step implementation. Features will grow, tweaked, and be enhanced over time and may require a new feature on the wall
  • Features may be submitted for consideration on the Wall
  • You may donate as little, as much, or as often as you want
  • Click on the to view the tracker for more clarification
  • Items marked with are currently being worked on
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Card Decks     83 rpc    4 vote(s)   

Projector mode     141 rpc    10 vote(s)   
Movement blocking layer     100 rpc    4 vote(s)   
Handouts     86 rpc    9 vote(s)   
Expose fog while moving     82 rpc    4 vote(s)   
Individual user map views     80 rpc    7 vote(s)   
Character sheets     76 rpc    4 vote(s)   
Macros set token properties     72 rpc    8 vote(s)   
VBL attached to tokens/stamps     65 rpc    9 vote(s)   
Macro button panel rebuild     63 rpc    4 vote(s)   
Movement plotting/limiting     55 rpc    6 vote(s)   
Global token macros     50 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Campaign merging     41 rpc    3 vote(s)   
Multiple token images     35 rpc    6 vote(s)   
Variable angle arc vision     33 rpc    3 vote(s)   
Turns     32 rpc    4 vote(s)   
Sounds     27 rpc    5 vote(s)   
Configurable number of layers     20 rpc    3 vote(s)   
Dice Panel     20 rpc    2 vote(s)   
Advanced grid alignment     19 rpc    3 vote(s)   
3D distance calculations     16 rpc    3 vote(s)   
Marching order/train     13 rpc    2 vote(s)   
Gridless Expose last path     12 rpc    3 vote(s)   
Create stamps out of selected areas     10 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Token underlays/overlays     10 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Attach token state to token images     5 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Community/Campaign notebook     5 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Floating Objects     5 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Image based vbl     5 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Minimap     5 rpc    1 vote(s)   
"Expose visible area only" option for auto reveal     3 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Change facing at waypoints during movement     2 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Contoured halos     2 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Player map notes     2 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Token bag     2 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Token Grouping     2 rpc    1 vote(s)   
Warp points     2 rpc    1 vote(s)