Version 1.3

MapTool Version 1.3

This is the current development build for MapTool. In the late stages of its development, build 1.3 is stable and definitely the version most of us use. Included in the most recent builds are versatile vision, lighting, and vision-blocking functions, an initiative tracker, and a complex library of macro functions that can be used to automate just about anything you want automated in your game.

Version 1.3 is nearing completion, and should be finalized soon. At that time, the final version of 1.3 will be the gold-standard to use for quite some time. The developers will be turning their attentions to 1.4, which will emphasize improvements primarily in the user interface and “eye candy” of the tool. The initial 1.4 builds will likely have issues that will make it less than ideal for regular use to run your games, so 1.3 should therefore be gracing our screens for quite some time.

The most up to date information on features for 1.3 can be found on the forum.