Executing the Tools

The Launch page has links for starting the tools directly over the web. This applies to Windows, OS X, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. Be sure you have the latest Java version installed and then click the link for the tool you want to execute. The Java Web Start facility can run the program directly or you can save the JNLP file to your desktop and activate it at a later time (on most systems, activation requires a double-click). This technique works well if you have Internet access the first time you execute the tool; after that the tool will be executed out of the cache stored on your hard drive. These JNLP files can be emailed to others so that they can activate them to run the tool as well. Easy!

Currently though, the JNLP files are only available for the most recent release and development versions. If you want to run an older development build, you need to keep the JNLP file from that version. This web site cannot provide the JNLP for an older build.

In order to work around the issue of not being able to execute older builds via Java Web Start, all versions of the tools are available in ZIP format. Visit the Download page to find the ZIP files grouped by tool name. Click the link and the ZIP file will be downloaded to your machine. From there you can unpack the ZIP file into a new folder (be sure to enable your extractor’s option for Preserve Directories) and follow the instructions in the README file. The instructions for executing each application vary slightly so they aren’t included here.