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New Feature: Token VBL

Long time users of MapTool know the problem with doors, columns, statues, and Vision Blocking Layer (VBL). You want MapTool to block vision through these objects but you want the players to see them without their vision being blocked by VBL. Thanks to the RPTools craftsmen, you can now have your object and VBL too.

A new feature in MapTool is Token VBL. It allows the GM to place VBL on an object yet still allow full visibility of that object to the players. What’s more, the VBL moves with the object so if a door swings open, the VBL moves with it. You’ve seen a preview of this capability in a previous post. In this article, we show you who to use this new feature.

Here is a drawing of a standard dungeon, with PCs exploring a corridor ending with doors.

Note that the doors of fully visible but completely blocking the sight of the PCs. This is a great improvement of the previous versions of MT which had the GM clearing VBL as the characters opened doors. Now all the GM does is rotate the door to reveal to the PCs what’s beyond the doors.

In the picture below, the hero cracks to the door open to see what’s inside. Note that the VBL associate with the door moves with the door as it swings open.


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MapTool Available on DriveThruRPG

We’re experimenting with a new distribution method by allowing users the ability to download MapTool from DriveThruRPG for free with an optional donation. This is in addition to our traditional Download Page – not a replacement for it. Opening the DriveThruRPG channel does a few things for us. It takes some of the burdens off the server. Part… Continue Reading

Devin Night’s New Token Packs

Devin Night is a freelance artist/illustrator and a long time friend to RPTools. He kindly donated art packs available for download in MapTool. Outside of MapTool, you’ve likely seen his work in products from Rite Publishing, Grey Matter Games, White Haired Man, and many others. Devin has his own online VTT token store and recently… Continue Reading

Gogots Maps and Mapping Objects

Community member Bhoritz found some great parchment-style maps by Gogots on Deviantart. The artist also provides all the mapping elements to make your own. Gogots gives the authorization to use the maps and elements to post or publish for non-commercial products. There is an associated YouTube channel with explanations on how to use the resources (if you… Continue Reading

Thomas Chapman’s Video Tutorials

One of the strengths of RPTools is the community of users who take the time to make life easier for others. Another strength of MapTool is its incredible flexibility and the vast number of options open to a gamemaster. However, that flexibility comes at the cost of a learning curve that may seem daunting. We… Continue Reading

MapTool Dev/Test Version Available for Download

MapTool Dev/Test Version Available for Download

MapTool is available for download from by clicking on the Download link in the top toolbar. The commit log is available via the GitHub page but many of the changes were related to the build system and automation; I’ve tried to separate them in the spoiler area, below, but no guarantees. (MapTool… Continue Reading

Object Embedded VBL

With the upcoming release of MapTool 1.4.2, GMs will be able to add a layer of Vision Blocking to stamps and tokens. This means Players will be able to see an object but that object will block all light and sight from passing through it. This comes in handy for doors, statues, vehicles, and large… Continue Reading

MapTool Dev/Test Version Released

MapTool Dev/Test Version Released

The last (hopefully) Dev/Test version in the 1.4.1 series is now available for download from The 1.4.1 series saw a large number of major changes which will now be rolled into the forthcoming 1.4.2 production release. We’ll only release a if more testing is required. As with all Dev/Test builds, be sure to backup your… Continue Reading

MapTool Dev/Test Version Released

MapTool Dev/Test Version Released

The RPTools craftsmen produced a new Dev/Test MapTool version for you to try. Adventurous GMs should consider trying it in one of your games but be very sure to save a backup copy of your campaign first. There will likely be one more Dev/Test release before we increment to so please take some time to try… Continue Reading