Who We Are

Craig – Lead Developer(MapTool)

Jamztheman – Forums and Code

Jagged -Forums and Code

Azhrei – Project Lead/Forum Moderator

Dorpond – Testing and Design

joshsziegler – Code

Wolph42 – Macro Master and moderator

Aliasmask – Forums

RPTroll – RPTools Bard

Full Bleed – Forums

Starman – Forums

lmarkus – Forums

Jay – Lead Developer (InitiativeTool, CharacterTool), Developer (MapTool)

Contributors Past

Trevor – Coder Emeritus, Founder

Giliath – Founder/Creator of DiceTool

Mr. Ice – Founder

Covered In Fish – Forums

Phil Wright “Phergus” – Code patches, web site moderator

Chris “Rumble” Clouser – Code patches, web site moderator

“palmer” – Web site moderator

“Vry” – Default maps, art

Jonathan Roberts “torstan” – Multiple art packs, idea mockups, MapTool support in commercial products

Eddy Anthony “mosat” – Logos

“galneweinhaw” – Code patches

Erin McClellan – Texture art

Jonathan O’Brien “KingMonkey” – Code patches

Cary Pool “dLANbandit” – Code patches

“snikle” – Toolbar icons famfamfam.com – Toolbar icons

“fobbo” – Code patches

“Otherland” – Code patches

Artur Biesiadowski – Code patches ”

Naryt” – Code patches

“Ryss” – Code patches

“Applekor” – Code patches

Craig Courtney – Code patches

Derek Dohler – Code patches

Mark Basham – Code patches

Marc King – Code patches

Sam Pullara – Code patches

“Cronk” – Code patches

Mark Karasek – Code patches

David Herman “aku” – Code patches, localization support

“gramathy” – Code patches

“plothos” – tool descriptions on www.RPTools.net


Patricio Acevedo – Spanish translation

Jorge Gonz·lez “steinkel” – Spanish translation

Nathanael Terrien “Natha” – French translation

Pierre Simonut – French translation

“Gringoire” – Italian translation

“aPown” – German translation

Skolasiński Łukasz – Polish translation

“St.Legion” – Russian translation

Moriki, Atsushi “fourwoods” – Japanese translation

Special Thanks To

JIDE – For the use of their Swing components

Atlassian – For providing JIRA as an issue tracker


RPTools began as an umbrella project to house MapTool

Trevor was a java graphics programmer who did side work on an isometric MMO. His co-worker, giliath, was big into gaming with his brother, Mr. Ice. Their group used kLoOge but found it too cumbersome. The three coders got together and created the first version of MapTool. The original program was fairly basic. It was a background texture with a grid, that you could drag images onto and move around. The three were pretty excited the first time they connected internet clients together saw each other moving tokens around.

They decided to make MapTool an Open Source project opening it up for others to work on. MapTool has always and will always be free and open for anyone to contribute.

After version 1.2 was released. Giliath’s group had all the features they were immediately interested in, so he and Mr. Ice began a slow fade from the contributors list. About that same time the community was gaining some great momentum, so the new feature requests from the community started driving the tool. It’s been that way ever since.

Other came and went but the core contributers had one thing in common: a love of gaming and a desire to give to the RPG community.

Today Azhrei heads the project functioning as project manager trying to heard the RPTools cats as best he can. Dorpond continues to be the driving force behind current and future functionality. Craig, the father of modern frameworks, works behind the scenes architecting MapTool v 1.4.

Contributors too numerous to mention supply code, frameworks, art, and suggestions that keep the project vibrant and lively.

Contact Us

Here are some emails you can use to get in touch with the team.

submit@rptools.net – for art or code submissions

info@rptools.net – for information about RPTools

admin@rptools.net – for questions or request to the RPTools.net web site adminstrator

bard@rptools.net – for marketing or online demonstration requests

It is encouraged to send PMs to specific people in the forums, you’ll likely get a faster answer.